Introduction to Off String Yo-Yoing

Yo-Yo Trick

So, we're going to talk about off string play. I wanted to actually show you what it looks like first. So, what's an off string yoyo? As we mentioned before, it's not connected to the string to throw it you actually wrap it right around the axle like so. I'm going to show how to do that, a little more elaborately in a minute. But what you do is you actually throw, and you notice it's not connected. It's just sitting on a string like so. So, because of that, you can pop into the air and catch it. I can still spin it around like you were doing other tricks, but there is definitely a lot more you can do with it, because of that, so. Once again, you can actually throw it up and whip it into the air. There are lots of different tricks they're doing over the legs, over the arms. That's the basics of off string and then you can still get it back to your hand. So, it's still technically a yoyo. A lot of people relate this to be something called diablo, which looks like a really big yoyo, two sticks and a string that people throw up into the air. I don't know--whatnot. So, it kinda developed off of that. There are a lot of tricks that are similar, but in the past three to four years, off string has taken off, and there are tricks you just wouldn't believe. We're going to go into the basics and try to teach how to at least throw it, catch it, and do some whips, and some cool tricks.

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