Offstring Throw Start

Yo-Yo Trick

Another fancy way to roll the yo-yo up that's a lot faster than just rolling the yo-yo up manually is throwing the yo-yo and putting spin through that throw, like that. And it can bring you straight into a trick, which is nice because you can just regen it from there. So you throw it and just go straight into a trick through a regen. To do this one, it looks really hard but to be honest it's really not too bad, what you want to do is act like you're throwing a regular sleeper or 1A trick but you want to make sure that you throw it onto the string. That's the main thing because once you throw it that will get the spin going but you need to make sure that it's on the string. So just aim it at the string while you're doing that, hold the string with your other hand. Another trick to when you're throwing is to kind of just rub your hand back so it adds extra spin to it. And you need to throw more with force because it's a harder way to start it but it's also quick. So you want to throw it like this and it should be spinning frontwards so you need to bind it differently but it will come back to your hand. And that�s how you roll the yo-yo up like that.

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