Bucket Hops

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we are going to work on is called Bucket Hops. We are going to use the mount that we used in the last video. If you're having a hard with that mount you can skip it. You don't have to learn it. I just think it's a really smooth way to get into things but you can do this trick from a regular Bucket Mount like so. The trick itself, let me show you what it looks like in full speed. I'm going to use the mount I just taught you. It goes like this. You land it over and hit and then you bounce like that. It's a really cool looking trick, it's really fast and with a little practice you can really control the speed, the height, and you know it just makes it really impressive. So, to get into it. Do your Jade Whip Bucket Mount like so. Comes over, you hit, land it in, just like that. The trick itself isn't too hard. What you're doing is you're actually pulling apart your hands at the same time. You use your pointer and your thumb on your non throw hand to pull one way and you use the pointer on your throw hand to pull the other way. This will shoot the yo-yo up into the air. Hops it up and down to the string and just practice doing that. That's all the trick is itself is hopping up and down. With a little practice it will turn into what looks more like Boing Boing move. You can really get it to bounce up and down. If you notice I am using a lot less of my throw hand. It's mostly my non throw hand that's making the action happen. That's basically all there is to it. So one more time, Jade Whip into a Bucket Mount like so. You hop it up. I believe when this was a compulsory trick in the contest you had to do five repetitions of it. So aim for five, it's a good number. Two, three, four, five, it shows you have control and shoot back out and catch. That's Bucket Hops.

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