Drop In The Bucket Mount via Jade Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

We're going to work on the "Drop int he bucket" mount again. If you don't remember what it looked like, it was this move: We brought your hands over, then we brought the string, and you blamed the yo-yo into it. Now, there's a cooler way to do that. It's form a "jade whip." So go learn "jade whip" if you've haven't already. If you have, great. "Jade whip" is this move; basically what you're doing is combining the two. What you're doing is, you're whipping, like so, but instead of whipping the yo-yo, you actually bring your underneath from behind. It's from your dominant hand side. you bring it underneath the yo-yo string, and pull it into that loop, just like so. So it comes from behind, into that loop, you open it up, and the yo-yo swings around and lands on that center string, just like so. Let me show you again. Then move itself, at full speed, looks like this. It's a really smooth move. That lands it right into a bucket mount. So one more time, as the string's coming over, your hand's coming from behind. Your two fingers, your thumb, and your pointer finger on your non-dominant hand spread that string open, and then you're in a basic bucket mount. You just have to land it into the center, like so. It's like this. So, "jade whip," you miss with the yo-yo, you bring your hand up, down, open it up, and land it. That is the "jade whip-bucket mount" combination. Practice that, because the next trick that we're going to get into uses this.

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