How To Do Trapeze To Triangle Slack

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick I'm going to show you is another very smooth looking trick. It's a trapeze to triangle move. It looks like this, let me show you what it looks like real quick. You're actually, it's another slack trick, you're whipping the string and you're actually catching it over here, that comes down and it will land into a triangle that falls just like that, you see the triangle forming. When you do it all in one smooth motion, I'm just trying to do this again for you guys. Looks like that, it's very fast, it's very smooth looking, that's the whip to triangle. Let me show you what's going on here. What you're doing is, it's a very similar motion to the wrist mount variation we worked on, it's the first one I taught you, the under whip one. What you want to do instead of catching it though, you're actually allowing the string to actually fall over and hit the yo-yo. You want it to hook kind of like that. Let me show you from this point of view. The string is actually hooking over it and it will hook on the yo-yo like that. The one thing you're doing to create the triangle is you're taking your throw hand and as the string is coming over, you're positioning it in between the string so it comes up here and as that string is falling down, it hooks over that and hits into a triangle just like so. So let me show you it full speed again so you can try and break it down. It comes across, that string came over and it drops right into a triangle. So, under, over, triangle just like so. Let me show you from this side. It comes over, drops down, I brought my hand forward as I did it, so it dropped down correctly. It's a really smooth looking trick, watch the video, watch the settle movement of the throw hand moving forward as I come around, it's really important, it takes a little practice, you'll get it.

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