Offstring Shoot The Moon Regen

Yo-Yo Trick

So this next regen is one of the harder ones, the Shoot the Moon Regen, and an easier way to do it is to not throw the yo-yo so hard at first because you don't want it to come back at you so fast. You want to have the most control you can. And to do that you could either do it with both hands, throw it out and shoot it up. But for me it�s easier to throw it up with one hand and then shoot it up. And the tricky part is really just shooting it up all the way and making sure the yo-yo comes off the string. So its a pretty basic motion, it comes back to you and what you're going to do is just push up and the yo-yo will follow your hand motion. So you're right here and then push up, the yo-yo is going to come down, the string is going to be right here, grab it back, and then land it more like the Brain Twister Under Mount. So if you watch this, right there, as you can see I grab the string and then you're at the Brain Twister Under Mount. And that�s the Shoot the Moon Regen.

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