Stop N Pops!

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we're going to look at is Stop N Pops. It's a repeater. The basic idea is to throw Trapeze, do a Stop N Go, pull up into an Eli Hop, but instead of doing a full Eli Hop, you're just going to pop it up right in this (central) area in front of you. And you're going to try to recapture it in a Man and His Brother stall. So, right here, I'm going to pull my arms apart, but instead of pulling them apart really hard so I can do a full Eli Hop kind of thing, I'm going to pop it straight up in front of me, and hopefully just let it sit here in the air for a second.

As it does that I'm going to try to intercept the string with my throw hand index finger, and be very delicate about it so that I can catch it in that Man and His Brother (stall) mount right there. And now at this point I have to regenerate it on the right hand side of my body. And I have to do it pretty strong so that I have enough juice to get it back into Stop N Go. So I've got to throw it, pull it back up, pop it up again, and try to catch it. It's really hard. If you can get three in a row, that's really difficult. 1� 2� 3� Stop N Pops. If you don't already know your Eli Hop from Stop N Go, you'll want to learn that first, but this is a fun one to work on. It's a challenging trick and a great repeater.

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