Advanced Repeating Stall

Yo-Yo Trick

This next trick is a little bit more difficult. I recommend knowing bee-sting before really going on to this trick which is advanced repeating stalls.

Thats advanced repeating stalls.

Alright this trick starts out with Trapeze and then its just like that beesting motion if you look at the yo-yo it meets the string half way. So when you do that meet it half way and let it come all the way around and then you are going to bee sting backwards the other way. The secret to this trick is once you hit the stall to really follow through with the counter-weight until it shifts momentum. If you don't this is what will happen. The counter-weight comes all the way around or if it doesn't it might stall right here and you really don't have the inertia to come back smoothly. So this trick is all about control. Notice my arm is following through with the counter-weight and the yo-yo until it shifts that intertia all the way back around. Those are advanced repeating stalls.