Bee Sting Counterweight

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick we're going to work on is called bee sting. It's actually a trick where you actually quickly release the yoyo, counter weight. Comes around, hits one finger, shoots back around under the string, hit the other finger, and comes around again. It looks like this. You release, shoots into the string, back on to trapeze. I'll show you again. That was a little fast. It comes around, hit, whoop. Just like so. So, the first move to this trick, it's almost kinda like a 360 where you let go of it. But what happens is as it releases, you actually put your other finger out which allows the yoyo to come around it. So, it comes around like that. You actually stick your middle finger out. So, it's basically 360 comes in all the way around again. You stick your middle finger out to hit that string and then as the dice continues around, you come back and remount it back in the trapeze. So, it's like this. It comes around, hit, and come back around the trapeze. It's a fast motion. It's kind of hard to break down in this quick video here, really quick. But watch this video couple of times. You'll notice at first it's the pointer finger, middle finger, and it's coming back around to the pointer finger again, one more time, pointer finger, middle finger, pointer finger. That's called bee sting. If you can't get that first motion down just like that there, you can come back on the trapeze and you'll get the basics of it. The key is that you really want that dice moving in the entire time you're doing this trick. Since it's a freehand trick, it's important that the dice is swinging so that's bee sting.

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