More Variations of the Kamikaze

Yo-Yo Trick

Kamikaze Part 1:

Next trick we're going to work on is kamikaze. This is a really cool trick, this is a really longer trick. We've broke it into three segments for you guys. Some of the maneuvers in it are really tricky, but we're going to break it down, we're going to step through it. Let me show you what the whole trick looks like first. Kamikaze looks like this. You'll notice there's a magic drop in it. So if you didn't learn magic drop, go back and check out that video, it's really important you can do a solid magic drop. For this first part I'm just going to start with the beginning. The first part you start with something called a Houdini catch, looks like this. The reason it's called the Houdini catch is it's actually over your thumb and then your pointers and if you do it as you catch it just drops, unless you catch both strings. So catch like that and you just drop it, it kind of looks magic, it looks like it just hits and drops, it's kind of a cool looking move. But in this trick we're actually going to hold onto that loop. So it goes over your thumb first, comes around and then you hit into, what looks like a double or nothing with the exception you went over your thumb. The next step is you're actually going to pop the yo-yo up into the loop that your thumb is holding. So it looks just like this; it pops up into that loop just like so. Let me show you from this side what you're doing. Coming around, taking my thumb and I'm popping the yo-yo up into that loop, it looks just like that. From there you're going to be in this hold and that's the first step. To get out of it, just drop it out, it shouldn't really get into a knot and we're going to move onto the second step. So the first step, put around your thumb, hold it out, it's kind of an awkward double or nothing with your thumb in there, pop it up into that loop and just drop it over. That's kamikaze part one.

Kamikaze Part 2:

This is kamikaze part two. We went through the first part of kamikaze, looks like this with the thumb double or nothing that popped it up into there. We stopped right here, the second step from here is to swing it over your right throw hand finger. You want to go over like so and you'll notice you're kind of in a 1 1/2, it's not quiet a 1 1/2, you're right there. Let me show you again. So, start from where we were in part one where you popped it up, you swing it under and then you're going to come all the way around and you're going to land it on the back string. Let me show you from this angle what I'm talking about. It looks like this, we do that first step, it comes over and then you're going to hit these two strings and the yo-yo is going to land on this one, it's the string closest to you and it looks just like that and it hits on that, like that there. And then the next step it's a little tricky, you're going to take your pointer and pull it in like so. You drop off it front string. Your pointer pulls in and the yo-yo is popped up on top of this string from the front. You might have to watch this video a couple times to get all of that, but let go through it one more time. So, you start from where we were in part one, where we popped it up, you went around, landed on the back string, you twist in toward yourself and you pop the yo-yo onto this top string like so. That's that second step, from there we're going to step into the part three, so stop right there, try and get that far, see if you can get up to that point. One more time it looks like this; pop up from the back to the front and try and get here, we're going to break it down from there, it's the end of step tow.

Kamikaze Part 3:

This is the third part to kamikaze. Let me show you where we've gotten to so far. Kamikaze, where we've gotten to is we've hooked it in, we went around, we popped it up. From here the next move is to drop the pointer finger on your throw hand off and one motion you want to bring the yo-yo around your non throw hand. Let me show you what it looks like. The reason why it has the one motion is otherwise it'll stop and grab the string. So I drop my pointer and I swing in one motion and you're right back in a trapeze actually. Let me show you one more time. Bring it up, you swing it around, this is where we were up to step two, step three you drop your pointer and swing the yo-yo over your non throw hand like so. Once you get that, you're in a trapeze, then the next step is actually a magic drop. So go watch the magic drop video if you didn't already. From the magic drop you then hit the string that's right above where you land the magic drop, you land it right over here, then you undo this and since there's an extra kink here, it's going to hold onto you, as you come around hit it over here. Then you repeat where you were before and you catch it under this string, just a repetition of what you did and then you undo it and you land into here. Let me show you what the little trick looks like. So you pop up, land behind, twist in, one motion, it comes in, you go over, you come under and then you land. That's kamikaze one more time. This one takes a lot of practice but stick with it, you'll get it.

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