The Basics of Looping & 2A Yo-Yo Tricks

Yo-Yo Trick

So, today, we're going to move into looping tricks and two-handed yo-yoing. This division is quite possibly one of the most difficult divisions. It takes a lot of practice a lot of time to get it down. If you go back to the first part of the beginner tricks I believe it's in, you'll learn how to do a forward pass, you learn how to do around the world, and you learn how to do a loop. You want to go back and learn those, because this whole section is going to be dealing with nothing but variations of those tricks. Let me show you really quick. This is a loop. This was one of the tricks that we've focused on the very beginning. You're throwing the yo-yo out and repeatedly swing it back out into the air and when you practice this enough eventually, you actually can do it with both hands. This is called two-handed yo-yoing or double A. This is the double A division, if you go to like national yo-yo contest or world yo-yo contest. And this is the kind of tricks we're going to be working on in this section. That's two-handed yo-yoing.

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