Offstring Open String Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

This next trick is the Open String Whip and you can start it from just throwing the yo-yo or catching the yoyo first, that�s the Open String Whip. Or you can do it from the yo-yo just spinning, like that. And there are two main tactics to get this trick down, and one of those is when you're throwing it, it�s really like a bind. You want to get as close as you can to the yo-yo so that when the yo-yo is coming up you can grab it, and that's all you really do. So the yo-yo is swinging around, you get it close, and then you grab it. And then it's back on like any regular yoyo. Another one is when it�s coming around you want to make sure you bring your whole hand around, the whole string around. Get it out of the way so that, when you bring it up, the whole string has to come up while your hand is coming up. And then, the motion, and you'll be able to grab it. So those are two main points you really want to focus on when you're doing this trick. So from here what I like to do is wrap around my middle finger so I can just aim it easier. So like that, just bring the whole string around. And that's the Open String Whip.

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