Offstring Breakaway Throw

Yo-Yo Trick

All right, so the next trick is the Breakaway Throw, which is similar to the 1A trick - The Breakaway. And you're just throwing the offstring yo-yo sideways like you would the breakaway. You want to make sure that the string is still coming from underneath and you're going to throw it sideways. So with your throw hand you're going to throw it out and you're going to kind of throw it down also, but when the yo-yo is coming down you want to pull up, and when you pull up you're going to grab the string. (whoops) Not like that, if that happens you want to make sure that you throw it harder, and make sure that it is all the way on the end of the string so that something like that doesn't happen to you. But that�s all you're doing, you're basically throwing it down and you want to get the string to unravel more. So if it starts coming up to you like it did to me that�s because you didn't throw it hard enough - but don't throw it too hard - you just really need to practice it and control it. It's really just like a normal throw, like this, but you're doing it sideways across your body. And when the yo-yo is coming up you want to pull the string, so when you pull the string the yoyo should come back to you, like that. And that's the Breakaway Throw.

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