Forward Pass

Looping Yo-Yo Trick

So we're going to work on your very first looping trick. It's forward pass. We touched on this trick once in the beginner yo-yo string tricks. And basically what it is is just that you're throwing out and catching. If you haven't look at that video you can go look at this one. I'm just going to give you a few looping tips in relation to this trick. For forward pass, we mentioned it's really important when you're throwing it to get the yo-yo all the way to the end of the string. For loops, it's even more important. You really want to get a really nice strong throw. You want to speed up your forward pass just a little bit so that you can control right out and back in. When I first taught you the trick, I said that it's really good to make a large swinging to bring it up. Looping yo-yos will swing back a little bit faster usually because of the tighter gap they have. So it's better to really get a good strong throw and aim it straight out so that as it's coming out, it'll shoot right back to your hand and not shoot back as you try to swing it up. So control, get a really nice strong throw. Get a really straight throw, a really straight throw is going to help you when we start learning loops. But get that forward pass come straight out. You kinda aim right where your eyes are and you want to be able to see the yo-yo shoot right out. Practice this. This is the very first step in your looping basics. It's forward pass.

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