Planet Hops

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick we're going to be working on is a trick called "Planet Hops". The yo-yo is what's doing this. It's kinda like Hop the Fence except its hopping and back and forth. Trick itself looks like this. Starts with a normal throw and what you're going to do is instead of catching and throwing back over like we just did for Hop the fence. You're actually going to go back. So, it comes back towards yourself and you throw it back forward again and on to the back. It's just like this. It's a repeated back and forth motion, just like that. Notice how it's coming up, back, up, back. Once again, just like Hop the Fence, I kinda control it over my fingers. Some people will just use their middle finger while they're doing this trick. It depends on what you feel like is giving you more control, just like that. You can also try practicing doing a couple Hop the Fences in between and then coming back and doing Planet Hops. So, Planet Hops, like that and Hop the Fence, back in Planet Hops. So, one more time, and some throwing. You throw it down over and instead of bringing it up and catching it or bringing up and throwing a Hop the Fence, you actually come backwards. Comes back up over this side and sleeps again and then you throw it back over to top, back and forth, just like that, and that's Planet Hops.

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