Offstring Suicide

Yo-Yo Trick

So the next trick we're going to work on is called suicide. This is a really cool trick for off string. If you've already learned it with the regular string trick section that we taught you, it's pretty different so take a look at this one. It's actually a little bit easier to learn. So what you do is you throw the yoyo just like normal, and you're actually going to throw and release the strings. So, watch me as I do it here. I throw and release. You'll notice the string comes right around and I re-grab it again in the air just like that. The real key to it is as you swing, you want to release the string as it's coming around right here, you just release that string. The string shoots around in midair and you literally just grab it again. That what makes this one a little easier than the string trick version is it doesn't really matter where you grab as long as you can just get a hold of it. So, let me show one more time what this looks like. You throw a normal throw. You take the yoyo and you swing it under your hand and you just grab that string like so. I'll show you one more time. You swing, grab that string just like so, and then return it to your hand, and that's called suicide.

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