The Basics of Counterweight Yo-Yo Tricks

Yo-Yo Trick

So, this next section we're going to talk about is it's called a freehand counterweight or FiveA yoyoing. It's where you play with the yoyo. It's actually a knot connected to your hand. It's connected to a dice or some other object. The style itself is actually one of the most competitive styles of yoyoing today. When you go to a contest, the division is usually filled with incredibly, talented people, and it's one more of the more popular ones that people kinda gravitate towards to compete in. It's usually done where you release the dice, you throw the yoyo up into the air, catch it again, and you can do all sorts of crazy and fancy tricks where you whip dice around as the yoyo is swinging around parallel to it. It is actually invented by man named Steve Brown, back about five or six years ago. He was the first person to start playing around with letting go of a dice and actually doing tricks with the dice and the yoyo. And since then, it's been used by a yoyo company to sell yoyos with it. It's really turning into a part of the yoyoing today.

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