Stop N Go Eli Hops!

Yo-Yo Trick

Alright, next trick is Stop N Go Eli Hop. Looks just like that. If you don't already know Stop N Go (or Eli Hop), you really need to get that down. Really awesome trick. You can also do it from Trapeze. Just pull it up, and now pull your arms apart like that. You can even regenerate it and do it a whole bunch of times in a row if you want. But the idea of Trapeze Stop N Go is basically the same idea as the Eli Hop off of Stop N Go, bringing your hands apart, as opposed to straight down. In regular Stop N Go, your hand here is going straight down, and in this trick you're going just like a regular Eli Hop. Catching it back on the string is really hard, because unlike a regular Eli Hop, the spin direction has changed, so when you throw it out there, the yo-yo tends to tip over easily. So when you do Stop N Go Eli Hop, it tends to want to lean over quite a bit, so you have to be really careful about that. You just want to be sure that your hands go apart straight. You don't want to have one at an angle in either direction or the yo-yo is going to flip over. But a really fun trick. Justin Weber came up with this one, and all of his tricks are amazing, but they also tend to be really hard, and this is no exception. Stop N Go Eli Hop.

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