Off String Barrel Rolls

Yo-Yo Trick

So, actually your first off string trick is called the off string barrel rolls. It's a lot similar to barrel rolls that we talked about an earlier string trick sections. Let me show you what it looks like. You actually throw the off string yoyo on to the string like so, put your finger into it, and you actually just roll, the yoyo's just going to go right around in a circle. And because it's not attached, they can just go around forever, there is nothing actually binding up. It's a pretty cool looking trick with a little practice. It's pretty easy. Let me just break that down for you in the steps. So, the first step is the throw. You're going to land it right onto the string. You want to take this string and grab it just with your throw hand pointer finger like so, so it's sitting there, and it will take a non throw hand pointer go into the string like so, go in toward your body, and you want to push into it which causes the yoyo swing up onto it and you just repeatedly do that. So go one, two and eventually you can make this into a smooth motion like that. And just bind, return and you're good to go, that's the trick, barrel rolls.

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