The Fountain

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick we're going to learn is called fountain, based off of the punching bag trick that we just learned. Make sure you learn punching bags. Fountain looks like this. Fountain is actually a punching bag raised up from hop the fence, and then raised up into a vertical loop. So, make sure you learn all those moves. Hop the fence, punching bag vertical loop and this is where you throw it all together. You do three in each direction. You do one, two, three, and then you raise it up one, two, three, and you raise it up to the top one, two, three. That's called fountain because it's raising up as you throw it. One more time, this just to give you an idea what it looks like when you do it fast. With enough practice you'll be able to raise and lower it like that. So, the trick to it, when you're doing it, you want to shoot your hand kinda up and over. You need to give it that raised motion to bring the yo-yo up into the air each time you do it. And notice as I am doing this, my hand is making this back and forth motion pretty fast. So, it's helping propel the yo-yo out there. And as I bring it up, you'll notice that motion kind of is moving upwards rather than back and forth. As you move your hand, it starts coming down back and forth and then as it comes up, notice it's going up more. With a little practice, eventually this becomes more of a finger motion. When you first start, you're probably going to be moving your hand a lot. Try and isolate it to your wrist as much as you can. It's going to help you get the snap that you really need to do this. With enough practice, you'll be able to do this trick. Raise it up and you'll be almost set to learn some two-handed yo-yoing tricks.

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