Offstring Under Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

So you have the Over Whip, here's the Under Whip, it comes from under the yo-yo this time. And its the same; you're throwing it up and whipping it but its kind of opposite at the same time because I�m throwing it from the outside, because the over whip you throw it from the inside, and now I�m throwing from the outside away from my body. And then you whip it. And what I�m doing this time is I�m aiming with where I�m holding it underneath, so you're going to whip it like this, and you're going to come around, and it should land on the inside string. So you're tossing it outside and then landing it on the inside string. So it should look like this; right here you're going to toss it outside, whip it around, and where you're holding it with the back string, that�s what's going to be whipping the yo-yo. So you're going to come under and not use your pointer finger, but the other one, and then just whip right there. And that's the under whip.

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