Behind the Back Offstring Catch

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick we're going to show you is called behind the back catch. It's a pretty hard off string trick. Let me show you what it looks like first. It starts with a throw. What we're going to do is actually toss the yoyo up into the air and then catch it behind your back, just like that. The whole idea with it is you throw the yoyo, okay, and as the yoyo is coming up into the air, it's going to shoot up and this is the real tricky part. I'm just going to break it down and show you what it looks like real quick. As the yoyo is coming back down, you bring this hand behind your back, and you actually just grab the string like so, as the yoyo is coming back down you simply place it wherever the yoyo is falling. And this is where it just takes a little practice. 'Cause as the yoyo is falling, you can't really guide it like you did the last time. Unless you're leaning back far enough sometimes you can a little bit not quite as much, it just takes a lot of control and practice guiding the yoyo back down. Getting the string right under it so you can catch it. Once you're there you can simply grab the string. Pull it in front of you and recall with a bind. That's behind the back catch.

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