Yo-Yo Trick

Alright, we are going to learn a trick called "revolutions." This is when the string is actually pinched; it's another slack trick. "Slack trapeze" was the first trick that we learned with slack. This one you're pinching and whipping the string around in midair back to a catch. Let me show you what this looks like: This is another great trick on stage; people really get into this trick because it looks really fancy. So this is what the trick is; this is "revolutions." Notice the yo-yo spinning around and the string's following it around in midair like that, and then you can just get right back out of it and end in actually a one-and-a-half mount, which is the mount that we used for "Buddha's revenge." It's really cool-looking. What you do is you actually start from a one-and-a-half mount. You get into it from right there. What you're actually doing is you're pinching the string. It's the string that's on your throw hand pointer finger, and you pinch it between your thumb and your throw hand pointer finger. Let's start my yo-yo back up again. Get this going. So from that one-and-a-half mount, what you do is, it's got to be one fluent motion. Once this hits, you pinch, and you let the string fall over. This loop is what's flying around there. What you're actually doing is, without the loop in there, you're taking that yo-yo and you're swinging it on the outside and the inside, and the outside and the inside. So let me just show you really quickly again: it's outside-inside-outside-inside; that's the motion that you want to make, and that's without the string being attached. So it's just like that. You can even try this dead to get the feel for it. It's going on the outside, the inside, the outside, the inside, and when you end, you actually end on the inside and replace your finger, but we're going to show you that in another second. So you pinch, and in one fluent motion, swing, outside-inside-outside-inside. You can do this as many times as you want. The last time that you're going to do it, just bring it onto the inside and take your pointer finger and just replace it into the string. That loop, that will grab that loop open, and that forms it right back into a one-and-a-half mount, just like so. One more time: it's "revolutions," swings it back out, right back into a one-and-a-half mount. Make sure it's one fluent motion; that's going to help you out a lot. Practice. Watch the video a couple of times. "Revolutions."

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