Backhand Balance!

Yo-Yo Trick

This next trick is Backhand Balance. It looks like this. It's on my back-hand� balanced. Catch it in a Lunar Landing or some other stall, and back to the hand. Basically, it's like a kendama trick. You want to use your knees. Throw it up there, let it land straight up and down on the back of your hand. At this point you can throw it up into some other mount or some other stall. Or you can throw it behind you and catch it in a Trapeze stall. A lot of ways to get out of it. You really want to use your knees so that things don't flop all around. If they flip all over the place, it's really hard to catch it straight up and down, which is the point. And then at that point, you're going to want to flip it up, and kind of find that string to catch it in a Lunar Landing or in whatever other mount you want. You have to find the string in midair, which is pretty challenging. So once again, undermount stall, use your knees, keep everything in line, flip it up onto the back of your hand, and then very carefully, throw it up and find the string so that you can get in that Lunar position. You can also do this to an undermount. You can go from here and catch it back in an undermount. That may be a little bit easier, but honestly it's about the same either way, because that's a bigger mount and the tighter Lunar Landing mount makes it maybe a little bit easier to catch. So, in any case, Backhand Balance.

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