Vertical Punch

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick I'm going to be showing you today is vertical punches or vertical loops. I learn them as vertical loops. Some people call them vertical punches but it's pretty much the same trick. What you're doing is -- you want to learn shoot the moon first. You want to learn the shoot the moon motion to get the yoyo to raise up in to the air because the next step to this is actually to keep that yoyo in the air in that same direction. So, this is what vertical loops looks like. You're repeatedly shooting the yoyo back up over your head. It's not going back down in front of you. It's just going straight up over and over again. To do this, you want to have a strong shoot the moon motion just like so. And what happens is as the yoyo comes back down, instead of just letting it continue back out. Watch my hand here. I actually just make a quick flicking backwards motion. This is what helps keep the yoyo up in the air, just like that. Just repeat this. It's almost kinda like a backwards looping motion. So, instead of a loop where you kinda turn your hand in towards your body and around, this is going outside and away and making a circular motion. One more time for vertical loops, it comes up, around, over and over again. You can then either catch the yoyo up in the air as I miss. I'll try it again. You can either catch or for vertical loops, you can actually shoot back out again and catch like so. That's vertical loops. Another one, it takes a lot of practice but it's key for a lot of a two-handed looping tricks we're going to learn.

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