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Yeti Release Details!

YoYoExpert July 15, 2015 1

We’ve received a lot of questions lately about the CLYW Yeti release date. Our general answer has just been “soonish” or “pretty soon” or “what is yeti?” and everyone has been pretty happy with that.

BUT, since those weren’t good enough answers for some of you yo-yo players, we are now officially announcing the Yeti Release!

The Official Yeti Release has been updated to:



Keep your eyes glued to our social media pages. There will be Random Yeti sightings once each day. Once there has been a sighting, the Yeti will be up for grabs! Sightings will be this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday July 16-18th

Yeah…that’s THREE DAYS! That means there will be multiple chances to get your Yeti!!

Get Ready!!!

One Comment »

  1. Luke Czerwinski July 16, 2015 at 1:35 am -

    Are their going to be any new colors and will they change price?

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