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G-Squared QUAKE

YoYoExpert September 26, 2013 0


G-Squared is still a young company, but when you pick up one of their yo-yos and give it a throw you can tell they definitely know what they’re doing. And while some other companies are spending their time focusing on creating plastic yo-yos, G-Squared is still here for you, pumping out unbelievably good aluminum throws.

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The American-made Quake is the first mid-sized yo-yo to come out of the G-Squared workshop, and it is a serious contender. With a beautiful curved V-shape and rounded edges, this yo-yo looks amazing and is faster than any throw G-Squared has released. And this quick, V-shaped, yo-yo does’t sacrifice any performance for speed, it still has that crazy stability and spin time you have come to know and expect from G-Squared. You know what stability and speed means, right? It means The Quake is a complete monster when it comes to horizontal play and will rock any freestyle you can come up with.

They’re going to have to add a few more numbers to the Richter scale to measure the intensity of this throw. So get ready to make the competition tremble and leave them in the dust with the unparalleled, earthshaking power of THE QUAKE!


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