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Yoyorecreation AE – The ANOMALY & SUPERCELL in new colors!

YoYoExpert September 17, 2018 0


Anomaly final

The Anomaly adopts a newly developed technique with inner fitted steel rings that also make up the outer edge of the yo-yo. It is strong against shocks and succeeds in achieving the perfect weight distribution for maximizing performance. This yo-yo has an incredibly powerful spin, a comfortable shape in the hand, and a durable bi-metal design that will withstand shocks.



Supercell final

The Supercell is a 4A model built for all around performance and designed to cater to any style. Machined from POM plastic, the Supercell has a great feel in the hand and a nicely balanced weight for everything from regens to horizontal play. It sits right between the Yoyorecreation Aeronaut and C-Nine in terms of size and weight, and really has that ‘just right’ kind of feel from the first throw.


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