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New yo-yos from YoYoFactory, YoYoJam, and SPYY

YoYoExpert October 2, 2008 Comments Off on New yo-yos from YoYoFactory, YoYoJam, and SPYY

Looks like there is a lot of new things to be eXcited for!

First from SPYY yo-yos – a very new look for them.

The Pistolero has a very unique look – almost combining the One Drop Project and 888 Rim.  Neat Stuff!

Next from YoYoFactory we have the SUPER STAR.
A yo-yo so wide that it was difficult to make – but due to many players using it at this past World Yo-Yo Contest they decided to pursue it.  Again – another nice looking yo-yo.  Expect to find one first if you will be at the National Yo-Yo Contest this weekend.

From YYF_Oct08

YoYoJam announces pre-release of the Legacy and the new JAMBOO
First YoYoJam announces the official pre-release of the Legacy at this weekend’s National Yo-Yo Contest.  An all plastic version of the Dark Magic with metal weights on the inside.  Pictures were posted up at

Then the all new JAMBOO
The first wooden yo-yo with metal weight rings to be mass produced!  Once again you will see first at this years National Yo-Yo Contest.  Sounds like they may even be for sale?

Exciting new stuff we can all look forward to!

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