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New One Drop Prescription & Kraken!

YoYoExpert July 24, 2018 0


one drop prescription yoyo

One Drop team member Jonathon Best, aka Dr. B, has thrown thousands of yo-yos in his long yo-yo career, but nothing that was quite right. He knew he was missing something in his life, and as a doctor he came up with a diagnosis – He had… The need for the perfect yo-yo!

He prescribed himself a new signature yo-yo and after throwing it his prognosis is most excellent! This is his new signature model and the cure for what ails ya – The Prescription!

one drop prescription yoyo



one drop kraken yoyo

The oversized Kraken has a unique weight distribution which gives it a surprisingly nimble and maneuverable feel on the string. It plays as fast as you can push it without that heavy ‘rock on a string’ feel that some larger yo-yos are known for. The curvy H-shape profile and large diameter give it a really powerful spin and a comfortable feel in the hand that make the Kraken feel right at home from the first throw.


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