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HSpin Gorylla Review by High Speed YoYo

YoYoExpert April 20, 2010 Comments Off on HSpin Gorylla Review by High Speed YoYo

Chris Rhoads over at High Speed Yo-Yo just posted an excellent review of the HSpin Gorylla.

The Gorylla is what you want to buy if you want the FULL Hspin experience. With the Gorylla you get the hybrid bearing, the Hspin anodized finish for superior grinds, and a more stable all around yo-yo. At $90 it is a little more expensive than the Beysick but at the same time you are getting all of what Hspin has to offer at a price that is still cheaper than their premium lines. In the end I find the Gorylla to be the best bang for the buck that Hspin has to offer.


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