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Caribou Lodge Glacier Express!

YoYoExpert June 25, 2012 1


With success after success everyone is carefully watching what Caribou Lodge brings to the table next! Well they just announced their next model and it is a big one featuring the I-Beam design – introducing the Glacier Express! NEAT!


A word from CLYW via their Blog:

the Glacier Express:

Lately I’ve seen a few companies do some pretty neat things with double rings and H-Shapes: Zig Zag cross-sections, the Watusi Medial Plane and so on. This really got me interested in seeing what else is possible …

The Glacier Express, is what we came up. It features a simple I-Beam ‘Train Track’ cross-section, which allows for a good amount of material to be isolated right at the outside of the rim where you need it the most. Giving you super long spin times and mega stability. The inner hub shape also helps to balance that rim weight, so that there isn’t a major loss in mobility. Hope you dig it! More info coming soon …

(Via CaribouBlog)

Glacier Arctic CLYW

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  1. guest June 25, 2012 at 11:38 am -

    Is that an avant garde…..

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