How To Hand Start A Dead Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo Trick

OK. You're in the advanced section. That means you don't have to wind your Yo-Yo anymore. It's not as cool to wind your Yo-Yo like this anyways. So, I'm going to teach you the cool way to start it. What you want to do is you actually start with the Yo-Yo down here, like so. You might see people doing this, even when they're beginners, but it's a good thing to start practicing now. It looks like this - you just spin it up like that and the Yo-Yo’s will shoot back to your hand and that's from not spinning at all. It's a lot easier than winding it up and it takes seconds compared to the while that it might take you to wind up your Yo-Yo. What you want to do, is start with a dead Yo-Yo, obviously, you don't want your Yo-Yo spinning at all. Hold it down here, like so. You put your thumb next to the string - it should go right across the string like that. Push down on it - and this is where you're going to get your spin. You actually just push down the Yo-Yo - like so. Watch my other throw hand now. My throw hand comes behind my head and I push down on my thumb and pull with my throw hand as I do this so it looks like that and that's what shoots the Yo-Yo up. As it does so, it usually grabs the string. Sometimes if your Yo-Yo is really unresponsive, you might need to bind after it. You might need to snap and bind. For the most part, my Yo-Yo’s are still relatively responsive when I play. It's good enough throw hand up here, non-throw hand down, push down, get that spin, get it to come right up. Sometimes you might need to roll it up a little bit but like that and bind it. That's a great way to start your Yo-Yo up. Practice that and you'll look a lot cooler.

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