Techniques for a Strong Yo-Yo Throw

Yo-Yo Trick

Okay we're moving on to advanced tricks, the intermediate tricks are okay but the advance tricks are where the main style I'll play today. If you go to a contest the tricks I'm going to be teaching you are tricks actually people are doing a lot. They are freestyle performances you need a really long sleeping area you want to have a yo-yo to spend at the end of the string for a long period of time. You want it to be able to land on string without shooting back at your hand it's really important. So when you throw it's kind of going back to the sleeper it sounds kind of silly for me to go back to that trick but practice your sleeper. It's really important so I dealt with a lot of people that are trying to learn advanced tricks and one of their main problems is that they're just not throwing it hard enough. So when you throw start with a really strong throw and you really want to snap that wrist, watch me stop my yo-yo hand will literally snap straight out and snap. That gives me an incredible long throw, this yo-yo is going to spend for a couple of minutes easily. A lot of the yo-yo's that are out here today actually can spend 4-5 minutes easily the longest spinning yo-yo was actually upwards to 16 minutes. Right now not necessarily for using string tricks it looks more like a drive scope just the way it's all shape and everything, but they will spend for incredible long time. It's really important when you're doing string tricks that you get that strong throw because when you start playing tricks it's going to be a lot easier to maneuver around and do your moves if your yo-yo is continuously spinning the whole way through, so practice that strong throw, get it good and we're going to move onto advanced yo-yo tricks.

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