Yo-Yo Trick

Alright, next yo-yo trick we're going to teach you today is called the ripcord. The ripcord is based off a little bit of split the atom. If you didn't learn split the atom yet once again, go learn it. You need to do split bottom mount. Ripcord looks like this. Starts with split bottom mount and you actually go back twice into those 2 strings and pull. It looks really cool if you do it fast like so. It just comes straight out into the string like so. That's ripcord. What you want to do is you start with a split bottom mount like so, land it into the string. You take you non-throw hand pointer this time, and instead of going under like we've doing, you actually go into those 2 strings. It shoots the yo-yo onto those 2 strings and you do that twice. It looks you're going to get some crazy big knot, but what you do is you take your throw hand pointer and you just drop that pointer finger. It's kind of like a backwards trapeze. Let me show you one more time. I'll do it from the front. I bring it forward. Notice I take my non-throw hand, I come into that string once. I come into that string twice. This is going in towards by body and I drop my throw hand pointer finger and it shoots straight around and it'll leave me in a backwards trapeze. One more time from this angle. I've got my split bottom mount. I come into the string once, land the yo-yo double on the string, do it again double on, and then drop that pointer finger. This is where before I mentioned it's really important that your string tension is good. This trick will not be one that you could do with a really tight string, it's going to grab. The other important thing is to keep that string dead in the center of the yo-yo. If that string is coming a little bit like this, the yo-yo is quickly going to be grabbing all those strings in the gap and it's going to kill itself. It's going to spin over and stop spinning on you. Practice that ripcord. It's split bottom mount, 1, 2, on, drop that string, and catch.

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