Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we are going to teach you is called sidewinder. It's similar to UFO. It is actually a trick that's going to help you tighten and loosen your string. It's a little bit better than UFO because the yo-yo is not going sideways. You have more control and it's purely a trick that I use for adjusting my string really right, really loose, getting it just right. It looks like this. Notice how the string is wrapping around the side of the yo-yo. I'll try that again. It's tightening when I do it to the right, loosening when I do it to the left. What you do is throw a strong sleeper. You need a responsive yo-yo for this. If your yo-yo hasn't been coming up when you do that a lot, you might want to take a look at. Tighten the gap on it, make sure the string tension is okay to start with. If it's too loose it might not grab just right. For sidewinder get a strong throw. It's kind of like you make a swooping motion with your hand. Watch my throw hand. It's going to be like that. Like a big swooping motion. A little of a jerk. You snap it up, make a big jumping motion, swooping motion in the air and you'll see what happens. The yo-yo basically tries to follow the string that's coming up, but because I grab the string that's falling, the string on the side is grabbing the edge and shooting around it. It looks like this. Watch my hand. It's making a big jerking and swooping motion to the right like so. If I do it to the left. This is tightening and loosening my string. Practice that. Throw, pull to the side. This is a great way to adjust tension if you get too tight. You can just go to the right. Get too loose, go the left. You should be all set. Let me just show you to exaggerate what I'm talking about. The string is tight now. I go to the right, do this trick, it's going to loosen it up. Don't get aggravated at first when you first start doing it. A lot of times the yo-yo just shoots back as you're trying to do it. If that happens try exaggerating your motion, bring your hand really far over. Simply, a little bit of a tug, a little bit of a pull and you'll have the sidewinder.

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