Split The Atom

Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we're going to teach you is called split the atom. This is another really good trick like brain twister. It's really impressive. This one is going to take some practice. I'm going to go through it. If you don't get it the first time watch the video again. Slow it down, make sure you're getting every move. It's important. It might take you a little while. We're going to go into it. Split the atom. Throw a strong sleeper. You kind of start the same way you started brain twister, but instead of threading into the yo-yo like so, you actually take your pointer finger and you push it into the string. It's going to be just above the yo-yo so watch this move here. I come around and push it like that. Let me show you real quick what it's going to look like, the whole trick itself. I throw, I push into the string, I go forward, I come backwards, and I push in twice. It's kind of like you end the brain twister, and catch. Once again, the mount. This is called a split bottom mount like split the atom. You swing it up. It should be a one fluent motion. The yo-yo is going to catch right there. Practice that a couple times. Get that really strong and solid. The next step is you take your non throw hand pointer finger, and you actually bring it underneath the yo-yo like so. See how I'm barely moving my throw hand. It just comes right under. Once again, with that same finger, it goes underneath that pointer finger this time. It goes straight into those 2 strings. You take this time with your throw hand the string closest to your left side. If you're left handed it's your right side, and you thread it underneath the yo-yo like so. Let me show you again real quick and bring you up to speed with what we just did. It is the split bottom mount. You take your non-throw hand, bring it forward, push into those 2 strings, you pull backwards. Take your throw hand pointer finger now, keep it in this string and just like brain twister you push into those 2 back strings and spin it around like so. One more time. It looks like this. It's forward, backward. Let me try that again. You don't want to drop those strings; it's important. Forwards, backwards. 1, 2, come back out, and then catch. That is split the atom. Practice it.

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