Double Or Nothing

Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we're going to teach you is double or nothing. This trick is again, based off trapeze a little bit. If you didn't learn trapeze, go back and learn it. It's an important trick for double or nothing. Double or nothing looks like this. Shoots around twice, and you land onto the string. Notice it's wrapped once around this pointer finger. It comes around again with this pointer finger and shoots onto my non-throw hand pointer finger just like so. To get out of it, I usually drop one finger and spin out and you're back in a trapeze. You can dismount however way I taught you for a trapeze. Let me show you real quick with double or nothing. Double or nothing starts with a breakaway. Once again, the slower you swing it the more time you're going to have for it to come around for your to catch it. When you do double or nothing, it's going to first come around your non-throw hand pointer. You want your other throw hand pointer to be right next to it though because as it swings around it's going to come around both. A good thing to practice first is just shoot around both fingers like that. The next step is once you have both fingers in there, let it come all the way around and keep swinging. Just like trapeze, the closer you branch to your non-throw hand pointer, the more likely you're going to land it on the string. When I do it, you'll notice yo-yos come pretty close to my non-throw hand pointer. It doesn't have much elsewhere to go. If I don't get myself that much room, I'm probably going to end up laying on multiple strings. It's important that you throw it slow, get a really good swinging motion, and you're going to have a lot more time to try and bring that close to your pointer finger over there. Once again, for the dismount, what you want to do is you just simply take that pointer finger on your throw hand and drop it. Now you've got the yo-yo coming over. You simply roll it. It's kind of like a brain twister move. If you're right handed, you roll it to the right side of your body like so. It puts you back in a trapeze and then you can just dismount any way I taught you for trapeze. One more time. Double or nothing. That's it.

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