Brain Twister

Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we're going to show you is called brain twister. It's a pretty cool looking trick. It's going to be your first sleeper into string trick that we're going to teach you. I'm going to show you really quick what it looks like. You're going to throw a strong sleeper, land it into the string, comes around your fingers like so, pull back out, and catch. That's the brain twister. It's a pretty cool looking trick. You're going to impress a lot of people when you first start doing this. What you want to do is throw a strong sleeper, take your non-throw hand and push it into the string. You push it forward into the string. It brings the yo-yo up. You want to bring it right up in front of your face so you can see exactly where the yo-yo is in relation to the string. Your throw hand is connected to the string that's coming behind the yo-yo. You want to take that and you thread it into the gap. It comes right up in. Let me show you sideways. It comes up, you thread it right into the gap, and you take this hand, and you put it front of the string like so. You want a stronger sleeper because it's really important that the yo-yo is spinning on there, it's spinning straight as mentioned before. In the next move, you're taking your throw hand and you're pushing it into this string and you follow it. Watch here. You push in and follow it around. It spins the yo-yo right around, and you're actually right back where you were before. Push in, swings around, and you're right back where you were before. To dismount from that, you can either just drop it. Sometimes if you drop just a little bit weird you might get a knot. The best way to dismount from it is you take your non-throw hand and you swing it down this way so it's like that. It looks cool. If you watch me when I do this whole trick, swing in, take my left hand, pull out, and it swings out, and it's one fluent cool looking motion. For brain twister you do the mount, you push in towards the string. You do this about 3 times. 1, 2, 3. Take your left hand, swing out, catch, and you'll have done the trick. Practice.

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