Introduction To Yo-Yo String Tricks

Yo-Yo Trick

We're in the intermediate section now. This is when yo-yoing gets cool. You landed on the string; you're doing really cool string tricks. This is the stuff that will impress your friends; it'll impress the kids at school. Even if you have an office or cubical, you can show the guy next door and he'll be impressed. Important thing to consider when you're doing some string tricks. I know you don't know any of them yet, but I want to talk about them. When we start learning them, you can keep it in mind and try and focus in on it. It's going to make you a better yo-yo player, and it's going to help you learn faster and get less frustrated. One of the things you want to learn is before just focus on getting that really strong sleeper. The stronger your sleeper is, you're going to learn 10 faster. You'll be learning tricks at a much easier rate, simply because it's spinning longer and because if you touch it with a string or something like that it's not going to slow the yo-yo down as much. Same thing goes for breakaway. You want to get this really straight because what we're going to be teaching you is how to land it into the string like so. The other one you want to do is when you start learning the tricks we're talking about is if you have a yo-yo on a string, keep in mind that the string is going to be slowing down the yo-yo if it's touching the sides at all. If I'm trying to do a string trick and the yo-yo is doing this I'm not going to get very far. That's one of the main things to consider when you're doing string tricks. Try and keep that string dead center in the yo-yo. See how it’s dead center. Let me show you from the front. This is a trick called brain twister we're going to be teaching you. If I can keep that string dead center in the yo-yo so it's not touching at all, it's going to be spinning a lot longer. When I go to maneuver it, you're going to have a much easier time with it. It's not going to spin out and it's not going to die. Keep that in mind and you're going to be on your way to learning some great intermediate tricks.

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