Pop The Clutch

Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we're going to teach you is called the pop the clutch. It's actually a cool looking trick. It's going to be a fun one to kind of show off to your friends and family when you first start yo-yoing. What you do is you throw a really strong sleeper again. I'm just going to show you what it looks like real quick. Shoots around your arm like so, a little slight tug, the yo-yo shoots over, and you grab it as it's coming over and it shoots right back to your hand. One more time now. It looks just like that. That's pop the clutch. How you do it. Let me teach you again with the yo-yo dead. Again, you can practice this move dead because it's kind of funny. What you do is you hold the yo-yo out like so, take your arm and twist it to the left side of the string. If you're left handed, it's going to be the right side of the string. Shoot your arm forward like so, take your arm and twist it out. You'll notice that the string comes right over your arm over your shoulder there. Take your hand and bring it all the way down. What you want to do is grab the string because what you're actually doing when you pop the clutch is you're giving it the slightest tug just like that. Very, very, slight tug. Forward, out, bring your hand down, give it the slightest tug, and you'll see the yo-yo will shoot it back. Let me show you with the yo-yo sleeping. You throw, bring your arm out, twist it over, bring your hand down, and watch now. It's going to be the very slightest tug when I pull this. It should be like that. My yo-yo is a little bit heavier. It's made for sleeping tricks, so it might not shoot back quite as well when I tug. It might need a little bit more of a tug depending on what yo-yo you're using. If you're not getting it to come back up, you'll see when I throw really hard and I give it a slight tug, you'll see how fast it shoots back. The harder you throw, the faster it's going to shoot back. If you're having problems with it grabbing, get a really strong throw. The other thing that's not going to help you out is if you throw it sideways. If the yo-yo is spinning like this, you’re trying to get it to come back, and it's going sideways on you, it's not going to grab the string. Get a really strong straight throw, do that move that we described earlier, and just the slightest tug, and as soon as it comes over, jerk. Take your hand and just make a quick snapping motion. The yo-yo is going to shoot into your hand. Get ready to catch. That is pop the clutch.

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