Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick is called breakaway. This is another important trick. It's kind of like sleeper where a lot of tricks are based off this trick that you're going to be doing. I'd say maybe at least 50% of the tricks that I'm going to be teaching you in the later segments involve a breakaway. It's important that you get this straight, you get a strong throw to it. It's going to help you out a lot. It's just like sleeper, but instead of throwing it like a sleeper straight out in front of your body, stand sideways like so. Take your arm and you turn it out like this. What you're going to be doing is actually throwing the yo-yo out. Let me show you what it looks like real quick. Just this. It comes and swings all the way round to my shoulder, shoots back to my hand. What you do is bring your arm all the way up. You want to get a really good straight throw and you want to throw it outwards. What happens is as you throw out and it swings around to your shoulder like this. A lot of people when they try throwing it, try and twist their hand around like that. When you do that, not only do you not really give yourself enough time to catch it, but it usually comes out a little bit sideways and your yo-yo will be spinning all over the place. It's not going to help you. Hold it straight, turn it sideways, get a really good throw coming out and over. Let it swing. In a competition, if you ever go to competition to this trick, it has to come up to your shoulder. It's actually going to make it easier to catch when it swings up. It comes all the way up to your shoulder, you bring your hand down in front of your body, and it catch it just like so. That's the breakaway.

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