Around The World

Yo-Yo Trick

In yo-yoing there's another trick besides walk the dog everyone wants to see, it's around the world. You're going to hold it just like forward pass. Let me just show you what it looks like again real quick. You throw it, it swings all the way around like so. It goes around the world like so. To do it you hold it just like you did forward pass. Bring it down to your leg. Instead of just shooting it out and stopping your wrist by turning it over, which is what kind of allows the yo-yo to come back to your hand, you want to continue a swinging motion. It kind of looks like this. Watch my hand while I do this. Notice how my hand kind of allows it to swing. I'm not really snapping it back, and then when I want to snap back, I stop my hand and let the yo-yo shoot to it. It looks just like that. You throw, let it swing, let it shoot back to your hand. One of the things you can do to practice the swinging motion is just let the yo-yo and just try swinging it. What you want to do with this is get it to stay all the way at the end of the string without kind of all falling back to it. If it's doing that, you're not swinging hard enough, and the yo-yo is just going to shoot back to your while you're trying to do that. Practice that a few times. Once you feel like you got that down, then try and combine that with your forward pass move. It looks just like this. That's around the world.

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