Yo-Yo Trick

Alright, next trick is called the creeper. What you do is you're going to throw a really strong sleeper again. I'm just going to show you real quick what it looks like. Actually, swing it out on the ground. Comes all the way back to your hand as it slides across the floor. To do the creeper, once again, we actually start with the sleeper. That's why it's really important to practice it. Get a strong sleeper. Again, this is another trick where hard floors are going to help you. The carpet is going to make it a little more difficult to get the yo-yo back to your hand. What you want to do is you start with a really strong sleeper like so. Then you actually are going to start swaying it kind like what we were trying to stop doing with walk the dog. You swing it out and you want to try and swing it all the way to the end of the string like that. What you do want to have it swung out is you actually kneel down because you're going to put your hand all the way on the floor. You throw, you swing, and get your hand all the way on the floor, and it's just a very slight tug. You can just watch my hand as I'm doing that there. My hand comes to the ground and it's just a slight tug. The yo-yo actually shoots straight across the floor. It's a pretty cool looking move; it's called the creeper. It's a good one to practice. It's pretty entertaining.

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