Walk The Dog

Yo-Yo Trick

When you become a yo-yo player/performer, there's one trick that everyone wants to see and it's walk the dog. Walk the dog looks like this. From a strong sleeper. You touch it to the ground and let it run. I'll try that again so we can get the full view. It runs right across the ground like so. It works a little bit better on a hard floor. On the carpet it slows it down a little bit. Try this on a hard floor, somewhere that the yo-yo is going to slide a little bit more as it's running. To do walk the dog what you do is you hold the yo-yo, you're going to do a sleeper. Just like we showed you before. Strong sleeper. If you're over carpet again, you're going to want a really strong sleeper because you need a lot of momentum going so it doesn't slow the yo-yo down. What you do is you throw it. When you first start throwing your sleeper, you might get this. It's kind of a little bit of sway motion. It's important that you study that out. The easiest way to study it out is when you throw, if it's rocking back and forth like that you just swing your hand a little bit and it'll steady right out. Then you're ready to walk the dog. When you're at a competition, it's usually about one foot. You just go from the back of your foot to the front and walk it like so. Get it back to your hand. That's going to be walk the dog. The farther you go, obviously, the longer it's going to spin out, but you can do some cool variations with it if you practice a little bit. This one is walk the dog in between the legs. It can be a pretty fancy trick. That way the next time someone asks you to do walk the dog, you'll be prepared. That's walk the dog.

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