Yo-Yo Sleeper Trick

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we're going to show you is the sleeper. It looks like this. You notice the yo-yo is just spinning right at the end of the string. This is pretty much what most of the tricks that we're going to working on is founded on. It's really important that you practice this and you get a really strong spinning sleeper. It's going to help you a lot when you move on to the harder tricks. Very much like the gravity pull. Start your hand out the same way. Bring your hand all the way out. When you make your muscle, you do it the same exact way. You're actually even going to throw the same way. The one thing you want to do differently is when you do throw, you snap your arm out and you don't move it. One of the problems people have when they first start throwing a yo-yo is they'll immediately want to turn their hand over. You'll actually want your hand and palm up. It's looks like this. Bring your arm up just like gravity pull. Shoot and snap your wrist straight out, and the yo-yo comes right off the top of your hand. That'll produce a really strong spinning yo-yo. Another important thing to consider when you're throwing is when you do snap your wrist out like that, that you don't bounce it. It needs to be really straight snap like that. Then when you're ready to catch the yo-yo, you actually take your hand and turn it from the palm up position to the palm down position. It's just a very slight tug. You'll see it's the slightest tug. You don't go and grab the yo-yo. You just let it come to your hand. It's going to snap right into your hand and it's going to be the easiest way to catch. Practice this, get a really strong throw, and get it so that with the slightest tug you can catch it and you're going to be doing great for the next tricks.

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