How To Hold & Throw A Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo Trick

Next, we're going to talk about how to properly hold and throw a yo-yo, and I'm going to teach your first trick, the gravity pull. When you hold a yo-yo, you want to put it in your dominate hand. Mine is my right hand. Some of you it might be your left hand. The string goes around your middle finger and it goes in between your knuckle and your fingernail just like so. You want to hold the yo-yo in your hand just like so. You want to make sure your palm's up. When you throw, bring your arm all the way out, straight up like so. Take this part of your arm and bring this is up right next to your ear. It's kind of like making a muscle. When you throw, you're going to bring your hand down. This is where you release the yo-yo. The yo-yo shoots straight over the top of your fingers and will go down to the string. You immediately turn your hand over and bounce it back up. The motion looks like this. That's the gravity pull.

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