Drop In The Bucket Mount via Jade Whip

We're going to work on the "Drop int he bucket" mount again. If you don't remember what it looked like, it was this move: We brought your hands over, then we brought the string, and you blamed the yo-yo into it. Now, there's a cooler way to do that. It's form a "jade whip." So go learn "jade whip" if you've haven't already. If you have, great. "Jade whip" is this move; basically what you're doing is combining the two. What you're doing is, you're whipping, like so, but instead of whipping the yo-yo, you actually bring your underneath from behind. It's from your dominant hand side. you bring it underneath the yo-yo string, and pull it into that loop, just like so. So it comes from behind, into that loop, you open it up, and the yo-yo swings around and lands on that center string, just like so. Let me show you again. Then move itself, at full speed, looks like this. It's a really smooth move. That lands it right into a bucket mount. So one more time, as the string's coming over, your hand's coming from behind. Your two fingers, your thumb, and your pointer finger on your non-dominant hand spread that string open, and then you're in a basic bucket mount. You just have to land it into the center, like so. It's like this. So, "jade whip," you miss with the yo-yo, you bring your hand up, down, open it up, and land it. That is the "jade whip-bucket mount" combination. Practice that, because the next trick that we're going to get into uses this.

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