How To Do The Pop 'N Fresh Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we are going to learn is called Pop 'N Fresh. This a trick that's actually based off Mondial, so if you haven't learned Mondial yet go back and take a look at the Mondial video. Mondial looks like this, it's the popping trick where you cross and uncross your hands, landing the string in a split bottom mount from a mock five mount that it was in. So, to do Pop N' Fresh, Pop N' Fresh is actually repeating what you just did but just backwards. So it looks like that. Your just popping it back and forth. Definitely a cool looking trick. It takes a lot of practice. If you already have a good mondial, you?re probably going to fly through this trick. So, basically get mondial down, that's the first step. You just go all the way through mondial and then instead of getting out of if you actually pop the yo-yo up into the string in between your hands and your recross your hands. So this time it is your right over your left hand. Your right hand going forward or your throw hand going forward. So, bring your hands down, cross like so, it's mondial, pop into the string and bring your throw hand underneath the yo-yo and pop. When you do that, you are actually back right where you were when you popped out of mondial. So your back where you were in that kind of mock five mount. Let me turn this way and show you again. You just do this. Your here, you pop and the first part of Pop N' Fresh, let me get back into that again. So pop, pop, your right back where you were it's kind of a mock five mount and you pop back into mondial again and then pop back into Pop N' Fresh. If you do this, a repetition of about three times. That's the competition trick itself, Pop N' Fresh, like so. You can dismount any way you want as described, just end in a rip cord if you want and that is Pop N' Fresh. One more time.

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