How To Do A Cold Fusion Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we're going to work on is a trick called Cold Fusion. This is the first part I'm going to do it in two steps just to focus on the maneuvers in the first part. Let me show you what it looks like. Cold Fusion starts with a Double or Nothing. You shoot across, back and forth, like that. That was fast, I'm going to break it down for you though. It comes across as in Buddha's Revenge, you shoot it over twice like so, and then you come back around and you land into a trapeze. So what you want to do for the first part is, you start with a Double or Nothing, you bring one hand across, like so, and in the second move you bring the other hand across like so. Let me break this down for you a little bit more. You take your throw hand pointer finger and it runs across the yoyo like so. It comes underneath and it comes across like that and into the other two strings. Your non throw hand pointer will come across from the other side with those two strings intact there and lands on the string farthest from you. And this is one motion. So let me show you what this looks like again at full speed. It comes, hits, hits, like that, and you actually end in a one and a half mount. So let's look at this again. Just because it's fast when it's done, you bring, let me do it from this angle again. It goes from here across, like so, here across, like so. Again you have to practice this and get it full speed to get the affect like that. Over, and let me teach you the other parts in the next step. So practice that part, get that solid and we'll work on the second part.

Cold Fusion Part 2

This is the second part of Cold Fusion. The first part which you just focused one was this part where the yoyo goes back and forth. The second part's easy but I wanted to break this into two steps because the first part of Cold Fusion is important. It's important to do it really smooth and fast and get that down. Because it looks good if you do it really fast. It's definitely a trick worth learning. The second part of Cold Fusion is pretty easy. It's based off of Buddha's Revenge. It's got an extra spin there. So let me show you. After you do the beginning of Cold Fusion you end in a one and a half mount. From here what you do is you start as if you were doing Buddha's Revenge, like so. But instead of landing into the middle you actually undo that roll you just did and you go over twice like so. You undo that roll and you land back into a trapeze. So let me show you again. This is just the second part. When you're in this move here it's one and a half mount after that part you swing it over just as in Buddha's Revenge, you swing it all the way back over and go twice. You undo that and land back into a trapeze. So one more time. One and a half mount, over, twice, back over, and catch. You put those two moves together now. So we go over, over, roll, twice and back into a trapeze. That's Cold Fusion. Practice it. And with a little work, you'll get it.

Cold Fusion Part 1

Cold Fusion Part 2

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